Mukeshbhai Patel Central Library
Mukeshbhai Patel Central Library, NMIMS, MPTP Shirpur Campus

School of Pharmacy & Technology Management (SPTM)



The SPTM Library which is the heart of the institute was established in 2007. Cognition leads to the generation of Knowledge. It is a well-equipped Library, Centrally located with easy access and does provide a right spur for the intellectual growth of the students, faculty, research scholar and others. So we can call a library is the backbone of an educational institution. The well-furnished and centralized air-conditioned Mukeshbhai Patel Central Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Academic building B-Wing and is spread over 45,000 Sq.ft with a seating capacity for over 448 students. The Central Library with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services fills an essential role for students, faculty, and others in their intellectual need.


 It has a collection of over 4448 volumes covering a wide range of general and special subjects consisting of textbooks, reference books, back volumes of journals and reports etc., apart from periodicals and magazine. Users can access all the e-database, e-books e-Journals and etc. through institute network. Library WEBOPAC can also be accessed through any computer system on the campus through Wi-Fi network. The Central Library offers a variety of information services to support the teaching and learning process set to the highest professional standards. The Institute is holding membership of DELNET, New Delhi for inter-Library Loan and e-database access. The Central Library has adopted an open access system so as to facilitate readers to have easy access to the library resources. An orientation programme for new students is also organized to help them acquaint themselves with the library system and services for maximum utilization of the available resources. The Library has implemented QR Code and KIOSK in the library.


Membership: 1) DELNET- Developing Library Network

2) BCL- British Council Library  

3) NPTEL – Video Lecturer Series




Reading Hall 448 students (Including Reference Section)





The purpose of the Library Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Central Library and its users. The objective is to aid in the establishment a bridge between the Central Library and the library users.

The function of the Library Committee is to inform itself of the functioning of the library so “it can assist in developing operational procedures; to assist in development of both personnel and fiscal policies and procedures; to advise the Faculty & Students Council and the president concerning the direction and growth of the Library.

Local Library Academic Resources Committee (LLARC) Members:


Chairman – Campus Director

Associate Dean – SPTM

Chief Accountant and Administrator

Dy Registrar

Secretory - Dy. Librarian

Faculty Members

Assistant Librarian

Students Representative



The following are some of the important rules & regulations for the central library:

  1. Admission to Library:

1.1 All Students who have joined the Institute as regular Student can get membership of the Library and only bonafide members will be allowed to access the library facility on production of Valid Identity Card.

1.2 Membership/Identity cards are required to be shown at the entrance on demand.

1.3 Personal belonging are not allowed to be taken inside the Library. It should be deposited at the Property Counter and should be collected back on the same day otherwise Library will not be responsible for any loss.

1.4 Members can take their personal books into library after necessary checking by library staff.


2 Library Discipline:

2.1 Readers should handle the library reading material very carefully and should not damage (writing, Marking & Tearing books)

2.2 Failing to do so /damage library material or property, the person concerned shall be liable to pay the replacement cost. In addition, his membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the Deputy Librarian.

2.3 Members are expected to maintain strict silence and conduct themselves with dignity to maintain atmosphere for study and research.

2.4 Library members should not misbehave with library staff.

 2.5 Library reading material can’t be taken out without getting it properly issued.

2.6 Members have to maintain complete silence in the Library (do not talk or discus, use of cell phone/I-pod etc is strictly prohibited).

2.7 Short pants / Bermuda, eatable & cold drinks are not allowed in the library premises.


3 Loan Privilege: 

3.1 Faculty/Administrative Staff

On appointment as full time faculty or administrative staff, he/she automatically becomes a member of the library.

3.1 All regular members are eligible for issue four books for a fifteen days.

3.2 Books belonging to Reserve & Reference Section and Periodicals will not be issued in any condition.

3.3 Reading material’s overdue charges will be collected as per the library policy.

4 Conditions of Loan:

4.1 An over-due charge of Rs 3.00 per book, per day will be charged

4.2 Books issued/loaned can be requested back for re possession by the Deputy   Librarian at any time.

5 Loss of Books etc:

5.1 In case of loss of library books the reader has to submit new book or pay recent cost of the lost book

6 Loss of Library Card:

6.1 The loss of library card should be immediately reported to the circulation desk in writing.

6.2 On request, duplicate card may be issued within 7 days from the application and for that the member has to pay Rs.50/- for the duplicate card.

 7 Reservations of Books:

7.1 Library members can reserve online only 2 books at a time.

7.2 The reserved/ on demand books will not be reissued once returned.

8 General Rules:

8.1 The Library membership card will not be transferable.

 8.2 Any constructive suggestion from readers will be most welcomed.

8.3 Members will maintain strict discipline and decorum in the library.

8.4 No one should remove newspaper/ current issues of periodical on display without prior permission.

8.5 No one should enter the counter or use library instruments/equipment without prior permission.

8.6 Members/ borrowers are requested to check the physical condition of the books before issuing, at the time of returning a damaged book will not be accepted.

8.7 Members who have over-due charges pending shall not be allowed to issue books or withdraw security deposit.

8.9 The Deputy Librarian may relax/change the library rules from time to time.

8.10 Any one found violating afore mentioned library rules will be liable to such action as may be deemed necessary by the Deputy Librarian.




All the students, faculty members and employees of the institute can register themselves for the membership of the library. Each member is provided with a library membership card. The categories of members and their privileges are as follows:

This entitles the users to use the resources & services offered for the purpose of academic and research work. Institute Identity Card is a must for issue & return of Library resources.






Membership Category


▪ Apply in prescribed forms
▪ Show original fee receipt – Attached Xerox Copy of fee receipt 
▪ Submit 5 stamp size photographs 

▪ 4 books - Home Issue for 15 days

 Faculty and Staff:

Audio/Video materials and periodicals are strictly to be viewed in the library only.



Student Membership Form - Download



Faculty Membership Form






How to Access?:

Link for Access:

Electronic Journal Databases

Journals databases

E-Books Database

Research Database

Statistical databases

Marketing Databases


National Digital Library – NDL -

SWAYAM: The Free Online Education

English Language lab – Wordsworth Language Lab Software





 Library Hours

Library Issue/Return Timing

Monday To  Saturday

 9.00am to 9.00

 10.00am to 8.00pm


9.00am to 6.00pm

 Circulation Closed

During Semester Examination

9.00am to 11.00pm

10.00am to 8.00pm








 Resources Types

Total Collection


Books  ( Volumes)



Books ( Titles)



E-Books – E-brary +NDL+PDF Drive



International Journals (Print)



National Journals  ( print)









E- Patent



Project Report






Bound Volumes






News Papers










KOHA – Library Automation Software - Sections like Circulation (Issue and Return), Cataloguing, Serials, Catalogue and Search WEB-OPAC are computerized. It is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the Library. The KOHA consists of modules on acquisition, cataloging, circulation, serials, and WEB-OPAC. The database of books available in the Library is being updated on a day to day basis with details of recently acquired books. The editing and updating activities are in progress. The KOHA package has been successfully implemented. Different databases accessible through WEB-OPAC are Book, Journals, etc.



To obtain the clearance certificate

  1. Return all library material
  2. Surrender Identity Card,
  3. Return All Brower Cards