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Name of the periodical

Collet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management

Journal of Digital Information Management

Journal of E-Technology

IUP Journal of Information Technology

Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

Journal of Intelligent Computing

Journal Of Networking Technology

Trends in Opto-Electro & Optical Communications

Indian J. of Advances in Power Electronics

Indian J. of Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications

IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

NICMAR Journal of Construction Management

The Indian Concrete Journal

Construction Technology

Indian Journal Of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies (Formerly Advances In Vibration Engineering)

Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics

Indian Journal Of Chemistry Part: A

Indian Journal of Chemistry Part: B

Indian Journal Of Pure And Applied Physics

Circuit Cellar

Data Quest

Digit (With Fast Tracks & DVDs)

Express Computer

Open Source For You (formerly Linux For You) (with CD)

PC Quest

Water Digest

Electrical India

Electronics For You Plus (with DVD)

Mathematics Today

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics

International J. of Pharmacy and Drug Research Technology

International Journal of Experimental Pharmacology

International Journal of Green Pharmacy

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences And Nanotechnology

International Journal of Pharmacology and Biological Sciences

International Journal of Pharmacology and Technology

International Journal of Pharmacology Research

Chemical Weekly

Indian Journal of Chemistry Part: B

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Indian Journal of Medical Research

Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Indian Journal of Pharmacology

Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice

Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics

CIMS (Current Index Of Medical Specialities)

Drug Today

Indian Drugs - Very Poor Supply

Pharma Guide

Phytopharm India

The Indian Pharmacist

Pharma Times